The Collection module of the Prizm Lending Suite is designed as a robust solution for financial institutions, aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of debt recovery while maintaining positive customer relations. It equips lenders with a suite of tools for efficient and empathetic delinquency management, ensuring that every step from initial contact to final resolution is handled with the utmost care
and compliance.

Automated Collections Strategy

Streamline the debt recovery process with pre-set action plans that align with your company’s policies and regulatory guidelines.

Reduce manual tracking by automating communications and follow-ups with delinquent accounts.

Customer-Centric Approach

Provide solutions to help alleviate financial hardship considering individual financial circumstances, including payment plans, deferrals, contract restructuring, and adjusting interest accrual.

Enable tailored communication strategies that respect customers’ preferred contact methods, enhancing effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Compliance Adherence

Ensure all collections practices comply with regional and national regulations, minimizing legal exposure

Easily update collection strategies and action plans to reflect changes in the regulatory requirements.

Performance Monitoring

Track the effectiveness of collections efforts with detailed analytics and reporting features.

Review the insights into agent performance and recovery rates to optimize strategies.

Integrated Communication Channels

Consolidate all customer communications into a single platform for clarity and consistency.

Seamlessly integrate with SMS, email, and CTI systems, ensuring consistent communication across all platforms.


The Collection module delivers critical advantages to your debt recovery processes, ensuring compassionate yet effective collections. Take a step towards a more effective, respectful, and compliant debt recovery process with Prizm Lending Suite – Collection.

Efficient Recovery

Optimize debt collection to improve recovery
rates significantly.

Customer Retention

Balance assertive recovery with maintaining
customer relationships.

Regulatory Confidence

Ensure compliance with current collection laws
and standards.

Insightful Analytics

Gather valuable data to refine
collection strategies.

Unified Communications

Centralize all customer interactions for
consistent communication.

Adaptive Compliance

Rapidly implement regulatory changes, managing configurations with ease.

Transform Your Collection Today

Unlock the potential of the Collection module and revolutionize your approach to debt recovery.
Take charge of your collections process, balancing efficiency with customer respect, and ensure your institution stands out for its ethical recovery practices.