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Prizm Lending Suite is easy to use and intuitive, the out-of-the-box implementation was quick. Prizm processes run smoothly and as mentioned generates payment files, interest accruals, and helps our staff give our customers accurate and up to date information on their account at any time. This system has helped us increase our collections and reduce bad debt, it has provided value to our customers and increased their satisfaction, and it has helped us become more agile by allowing our staff to work remotely and more efficiently by keeping all our data in the Salesforce environment.

Student Loan Finance Company

Based in London UK

Prizm Lending Suite has been a great asset to our company, making our Lending process and structure more efficient. The time we now spend on daily Lending procedures since migrating to Prizm has been reduced by about 50%, allowing us to reallocate that time to projects of higher value. Prizm gives us more visibility of progress made with various aspects in regards to the Pending and Closed Loans. The communication and support we receive from the Prizm team are always very timely and helpful.

Equipment Finance Company

Based in Kansas US

We have worked extensively with the FinSpectra team over the last two years to migrate our lending activities to the Prizm Lending Suite. Because our needs are somewhat unique within the Finance industry, our buildout required a fair bit of customization in order to integrate with our existing systems as well as 3rd party applications.

The FinSpectra team was great to work with and allowed us to significantly increase the scale of our lending activities as well as improve the speed and accuracy of our process flows. Highly recommended!

Debt Resolution Loan Provider

Based in New York US